The Ultimate Garage – Radiant In-Floor/Space Heating

Creating the perfect year-round workspace for the demanding “gearhead” starts with an efficient, high-performance heating system.

Radiant in-floor heat delivers a comfortable work/play environment (even when you are on the floor crawling underneath your car) and keeps the floor, dry, and garage free of mold and mildew. Your garage will become the perfect storage facility for the family car, your summer toy, and the car projects.

Hot water is circulated through the tubing installed in the slab. The heated slab, in turn, radiates heat to the surrounding air.

If you have a second floor in your garage, you will see that the space is also heated in adjacent areas, where the floors can also utilize a hydronic air handler (combined with air-conditioning, year-round heating and cooling is a breeze).

In many cases, the garage system can be incorporated with the home system, further increasing its cost-effectiveness and value.

Furthermore, the addition of under-slab electrical services to equipment, compressed air lines, and reinforcement for car lifts will make your garage the envy of your neighbours.